Pride Expeditions delivers exceptional mountaineering, trekking and white water rafting expeditions to  explore hidden landscapes in Europe, Africa and Asia. We believe that the mountains and rivers of the planet are open to everybody and that openness may not disarm prejudice, but its a good place to start.  Our expeditions often visit countries that have not fully embraced equal rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people. We reach out to these countries and foster relationships among pro-equality organisations working within local communities and to promote positive attitudes to end discrimination towards LGBT people.

Our Expeditions exemplify the diversity inherent in society and you are free to travel with us to the countries we visit and be yourself whatever your gender, orientation or identity. 

Our ethos is to celebrate diversity and promote positive attitudes towards all LGBT people worldwide. Our expeditions are open to anybody from all walks of life. By signing up to our expeditions you are signing up not only to climb a peak or raft down a river you are also signing up to our ethos. We are not just a gay or lesbian holiday company. We are not just an expedition company for people wanting hassle free adventurous expeditions. We are Pride Expeditions.

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Mount Elbrus


Mount Triglav

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Mount kilimanjaro


Mount Toubkal


Everest Base Camp

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